On 12th September the European Parliament voted for an "Ancillary Copyright" (as well as Uploadfilters) for Press Publishers, which will hold even for smallest snippets of press publications:


But if even short combinations of several (or even single) words are falling under the Ancillary Copyright, any text might - just by chance - contain such a short snippet, that has previously been used in a press publication. How could the authors of blogs, scientific publications or similar texts ever be sure that their work doesn't contain such "random infringements"?

  • My opinion is that if something isn't "creative enough", it can't be copyrighted. If there is a high probability that somebody could create the same or similar content by chance, then it can't be copyrightable. By the way, I have the feeling that the new copyright law will never be entirely enforced, because it is probably counterproductive for everybody. – reed Sep 18 '18 at 22:56

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