I would like to ask what are the potential pitfalls of setting up and running a limited company from a different country. In particular, the company would be incorporated in the United Kingdom, and I would be the directory/sole shareholder/only employee running it from continental EU (Czechia, to be concrete).

I am a software developer and I am more comfortable reading legal documents in English than in my native language. The other reasons why I chose the UK are

  • I have good experience with an unnamed mail forwarding/scanning service that offers a 'registered office address'.
  • It consistently ranks among the top 10 in the 'Ease of doing business' index

I can see two potential problems:

  1. The Companies House needs to be informed about the location of the company records unless they are at the registered address. They may object to them being located outside the United Kingdom.
  2. The mail forwarding service and all its competitors cease their operations. I suppose it would be possible to wind up the company even without a registered office address. I can travel to the UK if necessary.
  • 2 seems very unlikely. The market is pretty big. But you might want to consider Ireland: everything is available in English, and apparently the tax situation is favorable, which is why there are so many companies established there by foreigners. Also Ireland isn't on the verge of leaving the EU; if you establish your company in the UK you might encounter some friction when EU law ceases to apply to it. – phoog Sep 18 '18 at 20:44

You're easiest fix will be to engage an accountant in the UK to serve as the registered office of the company. They may not even charge you for it, as they would do your books for you. Last time I looked, there were plenty of businesses offering such a service.

  • ... or as phoog mentions "an accountant in the Republic of Ireland" – Martin Bonner Nov 19 '18 at 14:39

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