I am looking to request a change in Washington States cryptocurrency regulations. Where would I start and at what point if any does a petition become important?

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For the most part, you cannot influence the actual regulations. If you dislike the authorized delegate advertising regulation, you would have to undermine the underlying statutory authority, RCW 43.320.040 and RCW 19.230.310. The legislature can change those laws, so write to the legislature; or, you can change the law via the initiative process which is where you get a petition going. The Dept. of Finance writes these rules in accordance with what the statutes say. The laws were changed a year ago; it is not clear whether there are any unimplemented parts of the new law where the regulations haven't yet been written. DoF has a page on rulemaking indicating recently-adopted rules and open rules. This is a proposed rule pertaining to municipal securities and registration: there do not seem to be any open regulations regarding cryptocurrency.

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    You are assuming the regulations are in accordance with the legislation - regulations that aren't can be challenged by breaching them and then using their illegality as a defense in court. – Dale M Sep 24 '18 at 5:57

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