I would like to know what the German law says about employers not giving documents, such as their working contract, to their employees.

Here is my personal context. I started to work in Mai 2018 in Germany in a small company. I had time to read carefully my contract before signing it but there was only one copy of it. My employer took it and said he will give me a copy of it later but he hasn't done it yet (despite my repeated requests). He says that he forgot it, or that he brought it the day before but this was my day off... there is always a reason. I might have not asked him so often and he his very unorganized in general, so I am not sure that there is a bad intention behind this behavior. I am still in the 6 months probation time so I am trying to avoid a conflict but this situation is annoying (to say the least). Actually I need my contract because I am looking for a new flat and some landlord or companies want to see a copy of the contract.

To add up on the top of that, I am pregnant. I have already handed in to my boss the document to ask for one year of maternity leave. He is supposed to give me a document saying that he has received it, but guess what. I don't manage to get this document from him neither!

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