I recently moved across Michigan with my wife for her job. The sudden shift in setting and work for myself, plus us buying a home (and all the work that comes with it) destabilized my mental condition to the point that I am suffering acute depressive episodes (unshakeable thoughts of suicide, insomnia, explosively angry outbursts over nothing). These episodes are making it difficult for me to get out of bed in the morning, and as such I have been late to work more than once, and my ability to deal with setbacks in my work is greatly diminished comparatively to before we moved.

I tried reading up on FMLA and other such legal paperwork as relates to mental health in the workplace and leave (both paid and unpaid) but I have yet to find a strict set of requirements that will allow me to seek long term treatment without compromising my job.

What do I need to do to ensure that a brief hiatus from work won't cost me my position if it's a mental health related absence?

Company works on an at-will "offer" that makes no mention of FMLA as relates to mental health. I'm not formally diagnosed or medicated, and have no desire to be, but will have to be if my life track continues as is. I was previously medicated with anti-depressants for ADHD, which is an official diagnosis, and was told by my psychologist that I have depressive disorders, but was not officially diagnosed at my request. I have since stopped taking that medication more than a decade ago.

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