I'd like to register a trademark here in the US for a company name (an IT consulting company) and there is another company in the EU (registered under WIPO) that has the same name but differing services (private equity company).

Here are the classes of the WIPO-registered EU company:

16 Printed matter and publications of all kinds.

35 Business services, In particular business management assistance, Industrial or commercial management assistance; Business management consultancy; Business appraisals, business evaluations, business expertise services; Business investigations and research; Business inquiries; Business organisation and managenment consultancy; Commercial information agencies; consultations and consultancy relating to management, strategy and organisation of businesses and personnel; Personnel consultancy and recruitment being services relating to personnel recruitment; Market research and studies.

36Arranging the provision of finance; Financial and lending operations; Banking; Investment activities of all kinds, in particular activities relating to investment in equity; Financial engineering; Financial services relating to business transfers, mergers and acquisitions, of all kinds; Research, selection, studies and consultancy relating to investment; Financial evaluation, fiscal valuations and real estate appraisals; Brokerage; Appraisal, evaluation and management of real estate and buildings; Financial analysis; Arranging letting of real estate; Factoring; Financial services and monetary affairs; Constitution, investment and management of capital; Management of mutual investment risk funds; Mutual funds and capital investment; Risk capital, investment capital and development capital activities; Insurance; Real estate affairs.

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