If one murder is committed in home and other is outside the home the question is that how we collect evidence in both cases? What are the methods which we should be followed to collect evidence and which persons are responsible if the crime committed in home ??

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    Most of this question doesn't make sense, but I'm comfortable asserting that if the crime was committed in the home, the person who committed the crime is responsible. – bdb484 Nov 11 at 7:27
  • Collecting evidence is the responsability of law enforcement officers; the only legal aspects of it is that it must be lawfully obtained and some actions (wiretapping, registering a home without the occupant's permision, etc.) must be approved by a judge. So, questions about the laws affecting evidence collection would be on-topic, but the practical aspects (how to identify a fingerprint, for example) would be off-topic. – SJuan76 2 days ago

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