Can someone interpret the meaning of the Trust articles in plain English? Is it a normal addition to a Trust?

Trust Articles

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Section 6.19 says that the trustee is not required to provide an accounting of the trust to anyone, even if the law says otherwise.

Section 6.20 says that IF the settlor (the person who established the trust) becomes incapacitated (unable to handle business, usually due to illness, injury, or age), then the trustee is required to provide an accounting to several people, specifically: 1) those people who will become beneficiaries of the trust when the settlor dies, 2) any person who may be acting as conservator of the estate, and 3) to any person who is acting as agent for the settlor under the settlor's power of attorney to manage the settlor's property. (A conservator is a person appointed, usually by a court, to manage an estate or property, so that it shall be in good order when it turned over to the proper owner. A conservator is often appointed when the owner is not able to manage his or her own property, or while a will is being settled.)

Section 6.20 also says that If the settlor becomes incapacitated the Trustee will give a copy of th trust document to the potential beneficiaries (the same people indicated in item 1) above).

Section 6.20 seems to conflict with 6.19 and I have no idea how this conflict would be resolved. Other sections might make that clear, or the detailed law or case law might clarify that.

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