does law defines any limitation that tells how much can a hacker use his knowledge in different way? Any boundary that tells about hacker and cracker.

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    Hacker can refer to "white hat" hackers or "black hat" hackers, with the latter being the "bad" guys. Hacking is typically infiltrating a network for various reasons, while "cracking" is to remove license restrictions on particular software. I hope this is moved to English.SE or Information Security.SE as it would be much more appropriate there. – Ron Beyer Dec 1 '18 at 22:46
  • @RonBeyer Good points, although technically speaking "hacking" may also involve removal of restrictions (doing some "hack" in the code) and "cracking" typically also involves brute-forcing of credentials to infiltrate a network. In other words, network vs. license restrictions does not delimit the distinction between these two terms. It rather boils down to the motive for messing up with the system (irrespective of it being a network or an executable). – Iñaki Viggers Dec 1 '18 at 23:15
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Difference between hacker and cracker. according to my teacher Hacker is a good person and Cracker is a bad person? can anyone explain?

I agree this is not a question about law. Anyway ...

Cracker connotes a purpose of inflicting harm by taking advantage of system vulnerabilities that the person detected. A hacker also searches for vulnerabilities in a system, but the difference is that he would report them to the systems owner/programmer, or maybe even help with the solution.

I think the difference of meanings has not been formalized, though, which is why both terms often are used interchangeably.

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