We're looking at making our signup form GDPR friendly along with sending users more timely, personalised marketing and account update emails. Asking if a user wants to receive all these different emails when they sign up is a bit of a chore for the user but, as I understand it, is necessary to comply with GDPR.

When researching other sites, I found the Airbnb signup form.. which seems to just ignore the GDPR - unless I've interpreted it incorrectly (I imagine they have a lot of lawyers, I am not a lawyer!)

airbnb signup form

  1. It's an Opt OUT checkbox
  2. It's bundling all their email and sms and whatever else they deem as "marketing messages" into a single checkbox.

If I were to follow their example, I imagine it'd be better for my business, but against the law!?

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    You are perfectly right, it must be opt-in not opt-out. I guess the high value of marketing makes the risk worth taking. – Per Digre Dec 10 '18 at 13:41

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