As a guardian of my disabled younger brother, can I make decisions on who has access to meet him with regards to toxic family members causing constant trouble and interference? If so, how can I go about this?

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    How you would go about this may depend on exactly where the guardianship was established. I'd hate to even hazard a guess without that detail. Where he is now may also be relevant. – Burt_Harris Dec 16 '18 at 2:19

The simplest way to do that is to firmly assert your legal right to prevent them from interfering, but this may not suffice to make them go away (they may not believe you or believe that you have any such authority), so it may be necessary to get a court to order the individual(s) to stay away. How exactly you do that depends on your jurisdiction, but it amounts to proving to the court that the individual is likely to cause harm (presumably mental) to the disabled person. Depending on the nature of your guardianship, the disability, and the threat posed by these other people, the court may well disagree with you and find that the supposedly interfering others are actually acting in his best interest. If simple family negotiations don't satisfy your requirements, your attorney will advise you whether there is any wisdom to seeking a court order.

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