The offense of "leaving the scene of an accident" or "failure to remain at the scene of an accident" is found in many jurisdictions.

Can this charge be laid if the police believe that the driver deliberately drove onto the sidewalk to hit a specific group of people (whom he knew), and then drove off? ?

Does the charge necessarily involve an accident? As opposed to a deliberate, targeted act?

(Of course, a charge of assault with a deadly weapon or attempted murder would also be possible.)

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    If it were more accurately be described as "fleeing the scene of a crime", would that clear it up for you? Most jurisdictions would say that a person deliberately committing a crime would naturally leave the scene, and it probably wouldn't be a separate offense unless that person evaded an officer, whether on foot, by vehicle, aircraft, magic carpet, etc, which would be a separate offense(s). – Ron Beyer Dec 24 '18 at 18:14

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