We were the victims of a burglary in August, and (fortunately) the criminal was caught red-handed with our property (running away from our house). Included in that property was a laptop, the main computer we have at the house.

We've asked a few times whether we can have our laptop back, and the police continue to tell us that the case is still ongoing, and thus it is evidence and cannot be returned. It's now been four months, and we'd really like to have our laptop back for obvious reasons. To be clear, at least as far as we know it's being held as evidence of the burglary, and not for any other reasons (that they've told us).

Is this normal? is there a proper way to request the item back that will not mess up the prosecution (which we obviously would like to be successful)?

Location is Illinois, USA.

  • Not sure if criminal-law is appropriate or not here - please remove if not! – Joe Dec 28 '18 at 21:55

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