I have looked over the related Oregon statutes, but I'm certainly no legal expert. An apartment I left wants to charge a fairly high flat cleaning fee, that they say they charge all tenants after they leave. My former roommates and I cleaned the apartment, and while I would expect to see some cleaning charges if anything required extra work afterwards, I would expect this to be at an hourly rate at whatever it was that required extra cleaning. I would also expect to see an itemized breakdown as to what required extra cleaning. My question ultimately is, is it legal for a landlord in the state of Oregon to charge a flat cleaning fee regardless of the cleanliness of the home, that DOES NOT apply to cleaning carpets, and is not for general repairs beyond normal wear and tear? What if this defined flat cleaning fee is stated in the lease, does that also change matters? I have seen some sources that seem to interpret this to be illegal. Can anyone point me towards anything definitive, or know further information on this matter?

Thank you.

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