I've been thinking about publishing my novel on SmashWords and CreateSpace after having written it five years ago. However, in a paragraph, I quoted two lines of Lyrics, but didn't give the name of the song until I got to the Author Talks about <Name_of_Novel> heading.

This song is copyright 2012 by Hal Leonard Corporation. Testimony, by Stephen Schwartz. Would it be a good idea to keep the two lines of lyrics or remove them, but still keep the name of the song in the resources heading?


Where and how you reproduce the lyrics in the book or how to point out the title of the song that contains the lyrics doesn't matter; simply printing two lines of the lyrics can be copyright infringement, Fair Use (U.S. Copyright Office) not withstanding.

It's not a good idea to risk legal action against yourself or the need to defend yourself with a Fair Use argument. Ask for permission: Request Permission to Reprint Lyrics in a Publication - Hal Leonard Online

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