I'm a Taiwanese national with a green card that's about to expire in March. I've already applied to get naturalized and my expected date of that coming through is this November; this means I'm left with 8 months (at least) of time that I have no valid document to prove my immigration status. Also, I applied for naturalization too late and USCIS wants me to apply for a green card renewal ($540 fee) in order for them to give me an I-551 stamp, which will allow me to re-enter the country once my green card expires. Let's say I want to make a trip back home to Taiwan in April, is my only option to renew my green card? What if I tried the visa waiver program or applied for a visitors visa, would that work?

  • Are you gainfully employed in the United States? – Ron Beyer Jan 22 at 15:09
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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is not about the law or legal process, bit about travelling internationally, and should be asked on Expatriates Stack Exchange. – Nij Jan 22 at 22:02

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