The following GOV UK page states that tenants must be notified of rent increases at least 6 months prior to the increase. What I'm failing to understand from this is if that includes the tenancy renewal or does this mean that a landlord is capable of increasing rent at renewal at any time.

For example, if the years fixed term renewal is only 1 month away, does the landlord have the right to increase the rent now for the renewal date, or should the tenants be notified exactly half way through the term?



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The link says that 6 months notices are required where you have a yearly tenancy. That is, you pay rent once per year.

If you have a lease that lasts one year but you are required to pay rent monthly or weekly, you don't have a yearly tenancy - you have a fixed term one that lasts for a year. The notice period for a rent increase is one months notice.

However, if the lease has a different procedure (e.g. automatic indexing) they have given you the notice in the lease.

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