This is going for years now. And you'll actually have a bad day when you encounter it.

The thing is, in the Philippines our roads are narrow. The road into our subdivision is only 2 lanes, which shrinks to only one lane because there is still no law that prohibits owners from buying cars even though they don't have a parking space.

So we have a particular neighbor, who has 5 cars. 1 of which he parks inside his garage, 2 are parked in his driveway, 1 car is parked on the property of another neighbor which is next to his property, and the last car, is on yet another neighbor.

The thing is, when he uses the car in his garage, it actually takes significant time.

the steps would be

  1. Remove the car in front of the garage
  2. park the car in front of another neighbor's driveway
  3. car from garage goes out
  4. return the car blocking neighbors driveway into his driveway
  5. drive out

now this takes some 1 hour or close to 45 minutes to complete, but the worst part is when he is parking.

  1. park the car for the garage (this results on completely blocking the road)
  2. passengers will go down
  3. call the attention of another driver to remove the car blocking their driveway to remove the car
  4. remove the car blocking their driveway
  5. park their car on their garage
  6. park the car blocking their driveway

This caused a commotion between our family and their family because, my father patiently waited for them to complete the said steps on retrieving their car. But he got a call from nature, sadly since he is old. So he had to clean himself when he returned home, facing the embarrassment that he had to shit himself just to park our vehicle on our place.

There's not even a sorry coming from them.

More importantly, to them its "OK"

We asked for assistance from our community, but since they are the richer family, most of the community members sided with them.

Then we turned to the authorities, but they didn't showed up when a meeting was called, saying its a waste of time.

The authorities on the other hand, shrugged this as if it's nothing.

Now my father plans to file a complaint against them, what complaint should we file about them? I am asking this because talking to them humanely is... well, it turns out we are the ones who are wrong, because we SHOULD wait for them to finish their task first.

Another question would be, what can we do for evidence? can we take a video during the said event without their consent? Isn't that a violation against privacy?

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    I don't know about privacy law in the Philippines. In the US, it is generally legal to film what someone does in public. – David Siegel Feb 6 at 6:47
  • @DavidSiegel thank you so much for the edits, it is much more readable. Sorry too for the plenty of corrections. If ever I get to encounter this scenario again I'll film it. Maybe with a Gopro. – Mr.J Feb 6 at 7:47

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