So i am drafting Limitation of Liability for my free website, and ideally i would wish to wave all the liability, but as i discoved when doing some reading that you can't wave some liabilities such as liabilities caused by negligence, and forcing such temrs might invalidate the whole clause, is that correct?

Additionally i read that some jurisdictions do not allow limitations of libility, do i have the right to prohibit these users from using the services? meaning can i include such requirement to clause without invalidating Limitation of Liability clause?

Some services (like stackexchange has 100$ cap) also include a dollar cap to liabilities, is this required by law or just a good way to protect the service from liability? can the dollar cap be set as low as one US dollar?

some other services set the liability amount to maximum what you have paid the compay, by stating the following "liability arising in connection with follwing Agreement will not exceed the total amounts you have paid (if any)"

using the statement above basically limits the liability to zero dollar if it is a free services?

  • There are some liabilities that you can't waive. Negligence is not one of them. You can waive liability for negligence. – ohwilleke Feb 14 at 18:26

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