So let's say we're in a state where folding knives and balisong (butterfly knife) are legal to carry while double-edged knife (such as a dagger) isn't. Then will the following knife consider as legal to carry or not?

The knife's blade is double-edged, for dual purpose. Assembled with the knife handle, the handle will add a cover (that'll lock in place) automatically on one side base on the usage you want. So anytime the blade is flipped out from the handle, it'll only be showing one side with the blade (and another side will be completely covered).

So the core question is whether the knife is considered not as a double-edged knife when one side of the blade is covered as long as it is opened? How about there is still a risk that user might dis-assemble it and obtain a double-edged blade (though not what the product intended for use). Or the user can detach the cover with the knowledge of how the cover is attached to the blade?

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    It would likely depend on the precise wording of the law, and possibly past court decisions. I don't think this question can be answered on a hypothetical level. – Nate Eldredge Feb 16 at 5:50

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