I have made a device to take and print pictures during parties and social meetings, as part of my job (party organizer).

If I sell this device, it would fall under "Low Voltage Electronic Device" and would require CE-marking.

But I'm not selling it, just using it myself during the parties I'm organizing to take pictures of people attending.
Is CE-marking necessary for such a use case?


If you're using something you've made and not placing it "on the market", you do not appear to be a "manufacturer" as defined in paragraph 3.1 of 2016/C 272/01.

"The manufacturer is any natural or legal person who manufactures a product or has a product designed or manufactured, and places it on the market under his own name or trademark."

That said, it's worth considering that the places you use your equipment may have other requirements, particularly if you are offering a service for payment. Portable Appliance Testing is likely to apply for UK venues, and venues in other EU nations may have similar requirements.

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