So, I was recently experiencing a situation where I couldn't seem to get a satisfactory experience using an organization's on-line customer service channel.

The only alternative presented to me at the moment is to use their phone line. I have an intense dislike of using the phone1. They also don't seem to offer any generally visible "customer complaints" email address2.

This got me wondering - a great many organizations seem to offer "easy sign up, difficult or impossible cancellation" scenarios. Where the "undo" action is available over fewer/a single channel. Is there anything in UK law that should make this illegal, considering people with disabilities who may not have equal access to all channels? Or any legal cases that try to look into this?

1And I have a disability that I would easily be able to say that having to use this would be an additional hardship for me, but I want to ask the general question.

2I presume I'll be able to find some suitable access via a chat tomorrow when I want to raise my complaint - I need to cool off

  • Mere "intense dislike" is not a disability that needs be accommodated. If you want to ask about the situation where using a phone is actually excessively difficult due to recognised disability, just make it so - it is otherwise pointlessly confusing to include a definite **non-**disability situation when titled and discussing a disability situation. – Nij Mar 4 at 5:15

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