I am buying 10 acres from a seller who owns the land in a revocable trust; he is a trustee. My purchase agreement as written asks him to convey via a warranty deed. This has been called into question by an employee of a local abstract and title company. She says it needs to be conveyed via a "TRUSTEE" deed( ie not a warranty deed), an affidavit of trustee, and a certificate of trust drafted by an attorney. My seller has no problem with the latter two items but he understands that a warranty deed is just fine and neither of us has heard of a trustee deed. Reading on the big inter-web indicates this trustee deed is appropriate when a mortgage is involved, not our case, this is a cash transaction. So what is the correct way to convey and why the confusion of this "trustee" deed?! thanks!

  • Trust the abstract and title company and not the inter-web. – BlueDogRanch Mar 9 at 0:15

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