In my documentation, I have to use some external content (along with my own content) that is under the MIT license. According to the MIT license, I have to mention their license information in each and every place where I copy the external content to my documentation. Since I have many pages, this is a bit overkill.

This is my solution: 1. Create a common page with the MIT license information. 2. Link to the common page from every other page where I use content that is under the MIT license.

My question is whether this usage is correct according to the MIT license standards.


  • I think this might belong to academica as it seems to me be more a case of citenotes. – Trish Mar 18 at 12:38
  • It's about complying with license terms, not citations, @Trish. – Stackstuck Mar 21 at 15:41
  • Any answers please? – Nirdesha Munasinghe Mar 28 at 7:37

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