I understand the spitting at someone intentionally in the UK is an act of assault; my question is more in the relation to the acceptable forms of retaliation, whether throwing a punch for example would be deemed as reasonable or whether this would then qualify as an assault itself but on your part. What is the best way for a member of public to respond to this form of assault, being under UK (or EU) law. Any response is greatly appreciated.

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You are allowed to respond to a threat with reasonable force

You are not allowed to retaliate.

A past assault does not allow the use of force: an immenant one does.

Technically, someone threatening to spit on you is assault, them actually doing so is battery. Striking someone in response to being spat on is itself battery.

  • Couldn't spitting be interpreted as a non-verbal threat of further violence? – Kenshin Mar 21 '19 at 10:40

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