I applied to rent an apartment in Ontario, Canada, and as part of the application package I was required to give a deposit of 2 months rent (by cheque). However, it has been 7 working days, and I have not yet received a decision on my application. There is no response to my emails and phone calls, and when I drop in in person, every time it's a bunch of excuses, lies and empty promises about when I will hear back.

The cheque was made out to the corporation (which seems to be well established and legitimate), so I am not yet worried that this is a scam. However, the situation is starting to wear me down because it prevents me from applying for other units in the meanwhile (while they are still sitting on my rent deposit), so if they reject our application eventually, it leaves me very little time to find a new apartment before I need to move out.

Are there any legal limits as to how long they can take to give a decision?

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