I work and live in France. I worked for a company last year but I quit working there months ago. Since I left, they still have not have removed some data accessible on the internet, like my first name/Surname, job Title and the mailing address I had. They are at the end of some pdf document as a contact. This is not a big concern, but I would rather make those disappear. I really don't like to be exposed on internet. I already emailed them few times, they answered "Yeah, will do it!" but then did nothing, all the data is still on their website.

  1. Can they publish this kind of data?
  2. Can I force them to remove it using RGPD (also called GDPR)?
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    See also my answer on this question, if they said they would delete it, they basically admit they have no purpose or legal basis any more for the processing. So they have to comply with your request within a month after you made the (first) request. (The french DPA is cnil.fr if you want to make a complaint). – wimh Apr 3 at 20:40

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