I have a shared hosting webspace on a linux server. I am showing the uptime of the server on my website, because it's interesting to see...

I am now questioning if it's is legal to publish any information about the server to the public?

For example:

  • the files on the server
  • hardware information (cpu temperature, free disk space, ...)
  • software running on it (displaying version information could be a security risk)
  • other users on the server
  • content of configuration files
  • You can see files on the server that are not your own files? If so you may want to switch to a less interesting provider. 😐 – Stefano Palazzo Apr 3 at 16:59
  • If you have that much access to your server, I would definitely look elsewhere for hosting. There is no way you should be able to see things like directories outside of your /home, as well as logged in users and configuration files. I think the "legality" of posting such information may very well depend on where the server is located and where you are located, as it is, this is unanswerable in a legal context. – Ron Beyer Apr 3 at 20:10
  • What would make it illegal? Are the files protected under some law? – Putvi Apr 3 at 21:21
  • I have my webspace at one of the biggest providers on the web. I can for example see and read configuration files in /etc using php. But that's normal. It was like that on all my webspaces. – somega Apr 4 at 8:53
  • Also you could easily violate the terms of service. – Stefano Palazzo Apr 4 at 9:14

While this might be unwise, I can see no reason why it would be illegal unless your server is, for example, a part of the national security IT infrastructure, or belongs to a law firm, or some other entity that owes the highest degree of confidentiality.

  • I thought it was a crime in many places to access computer systems without authorisation, even if the security is no good. Would this apply here? – Stefano Palazzo Apr 4 at 9:11
  • 1
    @StefanoPalazzo The question seemed to imply that the access was authorized. If that is not the case, the question needs to clarify that fact. – ohwilleke Apr 4 at 21:48

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