Several 12(b)(6) motions are granted over the course of a couple years. cc A 12(b)(6) motion against the last two claims is granted which created a final judgment. cc Can a FRCP 59(e) motion to amend final judgment be used against any and all previous orders granting 12(b)(6) motions or, only the current order which rendered a final judgment or, what? cc Another example, a court enters a final judgment then a party files a timely FRCP 59(e) motion to amend. cc FRCP 59(e) motion to amend is denied thereby creating a new final judgment date. cc Do the rules of procedure allow a party to then file another FRCP 59(e) motion to amend within the specified 28 days to amend this new final judgment? Perhaps the new FRCP 59(e) motion would cover things brought up in the new final judgment order.

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