Member shall be liable for any and all bodily injury, death, property damage and or loss to the boat, its gear and equipment whatsoever and howsoever caused by either the negligence of Member, Member's guests or crew, or the alleged negligence of the company during the term of Member's charter of a boat. Member accepts the in force insurance deductibles of the boat as member's liability for the boat during the term of Member's charter. Purchase of the damage waiver reduces Charterer's liability for the chartered vessel to the current insurance deductible to a maximum of $1600.00. This damage waiver does not provide personal injury, death, or property liability protection for Charterer. The liability insurance maintained on the vessel by the company, affiliated companies, or chartered vessel's owner(s), is excess over any applicable insurance carried by Charterer.

The clause calls out special cases for negligence and property liability but I cannot tell whether I would have liability coverage in the event of an accident where I am not deemed to be negligent.



It specifically says that your liability for damage to the boat is limited to the insurance deductibles. Your liability for other loss is unlimited and uninsured - get your own life, health, public risk etc. insurance.

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