I have seen others, and may have once or twice, stepped into an open parking spot to "reserve it" for my friend who is coming by, say within a minutes.

  • What laws if any are those "saving a spot" breaking?
  • What recourse does the blocked driver looking for an open parking spot have?

An officer could cite a pedestrian for obstructing traffic if they're in the traffic lanes. But if they are only in a parking spot, that is unlikely to apply.

An officer might cite them for loitering or creating a public nuisance. But that would require an officer to observe the behavior and be unable to resolve/diffuse it by talking to the pedestrian.

I am not aware of anything the blocked driver could do, short of calling an officer, and hoping the officer shows up before the "friend", which seems highly unlikely.

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    Well the blocked driver can just sit there and block the friend from getting the spot as well. At that point a fight will likely break out and then the officer would have different charges to sort through. – pboss3010 May 23 '19 at 15:17

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