I regularly drive around with a trailer in the Ontario, London area of Canada. I have been completely unable to find any regulations referring to vehicles that cannot fit in a single parking spot, I see for example a bylaw in London stating that you cannot park two vehicles in a single spot, but was unable to find any reference to a single vehicle parking in multiple spots.

I typically find two spaces adjacent longways, such that the trailer fills one parking spot and the truck the second. But I am unaware if this is legal or not, and often these types of spots do not exist. Would parking perpendicular to this, taking up 3 (maybe 4) spots be legal when this is the only possible option and I am crammed into as few spots as possible? Am I allowed to stick 8-12 feet out of a spot if I do not completely block all traffic, and I am as far into the spot as possible? Can I park the trailer in one spot, disconnect and park the truck in a second?

For side of the road parking, all Is know about are distance from curb regulations. But I am so wide I wonder if their is also a maximum distance form curb to far side of vehicle that might be important.

  • Oversized with respect to parking spots, and just other city cars in general. NOT meeting the legal definition of an "oversized" load or vehicle.

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