When you register a trade name or trademark, you have to pay a fee for each of various classes that describe your business.

Can anyone tell me what class publishing falls under? I publish in three formats:

  1. Internet (websites)
  2. Epubs (electronic books read on Kindle, for example)
  3. Paper or plastic wall charts

I'm guessing these would all be covered by Class 41: Education and Entertainment. Am I correct?

Trademark Classes


You don't "describe" your business -- you identify the goods or services to which you intend to apply the brand.

The USPTO has a useful tool for "The Acceptable Identification of Goods or Services" on its website. You type in a descriptive word and it gives you a list of classes and proposed form of the identification that would be acceptable.

The publishing media you list would easily fall within three or more separate registration classes: website (035, 039, 042); epubs (009, 041, 042); paper (016, 035, 041), etc., depending upon the field and nature of the publication.

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