In recent c't there is an article about GDPR (Sorry for the German). In Switzerland there is so far no GDPR, but we have a similar mechanism called Auskunftsrecht. enter image description here

In article there is written that customer can blacken / hide fields that are not relevant from ID card. Does this also apply to Switzerland? In the past when requesting data about me, I attached full copy of ID card.


Under GDPR the principle of Data Minimization rules that companies should not keep Personal Data that is irrelevant towards the fulfillment of a given service they render you. So, YES, you can "hide"/ cover" Data on any document that goes beyond what is "vital" to ensure the Service is rendered.

Let's imagine I am to become a member of a Library, I can blur on my ID Card everything but Address; name; Fiscal number and photo... all the rest is irrelevant for the Library to grant me a membership and would mean they would have Personal Data about me without a Lawful Base, while raising my personal risk in case of a Data Breach.

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