What powers or authority does a California District Court have in an appeal to a Bankruptcy Court decision concerning a nondischarageable default judgment secured through extrinsic and criminal fraud on the court and an illegal "Mary Carter" settlement agreement by a co-defendant in a state court action? Can the District Court remand the entire matter for a new trial in state court? Can a District Court offer not just relief, but damages?

  • Anyone who wants to allege a fraud on the court in a collateral proceeding needs a very sharp attorney and investigator, not Internet advice. – Andrew Lazarus Jun 17 at 3:01
  • This is a question about that the law is, and so is on-topic here. But no answer here can possibly be specific and detailed enough for anyone sensible to rely on it in making decisions about the course of such a suit. – David Siegel Jun 17 at 23:41

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