Can an employer decrease an employee's pay whenever they want (unless otherwise agreed to in a contract)? Out of curiosity can an employer increase pay at any time? Does it make a difference if the person receiving the pay is a employee or contractor?


I do work for a company that does not guarantee any hours. Nonetheless I've worked for them over a year and normally get several shifts a week. I believe I'm considered an employee because I receive T4. One day I was told that I can agree to a new contract at lower pay or have to return company assets. So basically I was given an ultimatum. I simply replied I'm interested in continuing working and they kept giving me shifts. Latter I learned that everyone else got to keep the higher pay. Is this legal?

  • In what jurisdiction is this? What country, and if a federal country such as the US, what state or province? Laws on such matters differ significantly. Jun 19 '19 at 12:50

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