As a passenger ship (note; not a cruise ship) we sail port to port, country to country, and in each place we go we run cultural events and conferences for the local people on board in our conference room and theatre. We also have a visitor deck where members of the public can buy books.

We are registered in Malta, but operate globally. Obviously we have/need a licence to use music on board in our events for performances etc. My question is; is there a specific licence for use on ships as they operate internationally? Or is having a licence for Malta (PRS for Music) all that we need?

Put another way; Does a licence for the country we are registered in cover us everywhere? Or do we need to update our licence in every country that we go to?

Also do we need an additional licence to put our own performance/media content to music?

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    Possible duplicate of Source of permission/license to use song on a cruise ship? – BlueDogRanch Jun 19 '19 at 20:13
  • Thanks, I actually read this question and it's answers before posting my question. My question refers rather to the type of licence required whereas the answer to the previous question assumes that the Cruise Ship already knows what licence it needs, but the person asking the question did not know if a licence was required due to the cruise ship being in international waters. – Becky B Jun 22 '19 at 14:05

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