A property (in Malaysia - British Law) is in the trust of my 2 sisters. I gave a portion of that property to my brother. The property has not been transferred into his name, as part of the property is shared by the 4 of us. I plan on taking back this portion that I had gifted to my brother. My sisters are in agreement with me. Is that legal?

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    It sounds to me that what actually happened is that you said you were planning to give a portion to your brother, but haven't actually done so. (But I am not an expert in Malaysian law.) – Martin Bonner supports Monica Jul 1 '19 at 14:18
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    The problem is that with real estate, there are obligatory formalities surrounding transfer, and if you did not e.g. file the paperwork, you did not "give" (transfer) the property. You need to be more explicit about what you actually did that constitutes "giving" the property. – user6726 Jul 1 '19 at 14:53
  • I agree that more factual detail about exactly what transpired is necessary to determine what happened. The nature of the real property could also potentially be relevant (is it is house, a farm, a commercial building, etc.), as are the details of the trust (who was the trustee, what document established it, etc.). – ohwilleke Jul 2 '19 at 0:19

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