Several months ago, my ex-wife and I filed an agreed order modifying our custody and child support with the court which, among other things, noted that she agreed that I have no child support arrears. The wording in the agreement is as follows:

It is agreed and therefore ordered that no arrears for child support exist as of [date of settlement]. It is further agreed and therefore ordered that [ex-wife] shall execute any document required, including but not limited to an Affidavit of Direct Payments, acknowledging receipt of disputed funds that would absolve any existing or future arrearage of child support.

In the intervening months, my ex-wife has not executed any such documents, so my account with the OAG still shows an arrearage. In talking with the OAG's office recently, I was informed that the agreement could have been worded in such a way that they would be able to accept the order itself as evidence of no arrearage. (My recollection is that it needed to say that the judge found that no arrearage existed, but that that finding could still be based on my ex-wife and I having agreed that it does not exist.) However, they were not able to give me a specific wording.

For related reasons (another document that we agreed would be filed with the court, but has not), I will be filing an additional Motion to Enter regarding this case, and I would like to add a Motion to Modify that would update the above language as I described in the subsequent paragraph. However, my attorney drafted the original language, and was not aware of a different wording that would not require my ex-wife to file these documents with the OAG's office. So my question is:

Based on the existing agreement, how can the quoted paragraph above be modified so that it can be acted upon directly by the OAG without my ex-wife having to submit documentation?

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