My Canadian fiancée is currently living with me here in the UK on a 2 year Tier 5 Working Holiday Visa. We are getting married towards the end of that visa's validity (in Canada). We are currently trying to figure out our options with regards to me moving over to New Brunswick, Canada as soon as possible after the marriage, on a visa that would allow me to work and eventually become a Canadian citizen.

The obvious option is for her to sponsor me. However, after looking on the Canadian Immigration website, she is required to have earned $24,949 in the 12 months leading up to applying to sponsor me. As she is currently living and working here in the UK, this would lead to a 12 month period where we'd potentially be living apart.

The second option is for me to apply to move as a skilled worker, on the points system. I'm fairly well skilled - I have a good degree, and will have over 2 years experience in my Software Engineering role by the time we'll be looking to move. However, this isn't as guaranteed as being sponsored by my (soon to be) spouse, and it would be difficult to get a job offer in NB/Canada.

The other option is for me to go on a similar visa to what my fiancée is on now here - I have friends who have done the 2 year working holiday over in Canada. However, I'm concerned that my job prospects would be limited on the basis that I'd have to leave after 2 years in order to apply for another visa.

What would you folks recommend as the best route to pursue? Perhaps I've got one or two of the above facts wrong (so many webpages to read!), or maybe there's another route that may be better suited.

  • This is not a discussion board re: "What would you folks recommend as the best route to pursue?" and is not for specific legal advice. – BlueDogRanch Jul 24 '19 at 21:52

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