A few years ago, a group of colleagues and I founded a non-profit organization, incorporated in Delaware. Although we work on a very small budget and we are entirely run by volunteers, we have been very good about filing our 990 form on time every year, holding annual meetings and doing everything to keep our organization in good standing except for one thing... At some point, we stopped getting annual invoices from our registered agent in Delaware and consequently we haven't been paying our fees for a few years. Everything was handled by our lawyers at the beginning but something went wrong in the transition to doing these things on our own.

How do we go about fixing this situation? Is it just a matter of paying overdue fees, or is there something more complicated about this?

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    Usually you can just pay an overdue fee and fill out a state form, but I don't know if Delaware is typical in this regard. – ohwilleke Aug 2 '19 at 22:14

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