Here is the situation.

I still live with my family like my brother (we are both of legal age) . We never had a good brother relationship. We always try to avoid each other as best as we can. In the past there where several incidents where he would unallowed just enter my room and steal some of my money or my things. Because of that our parents gave us different keys for our bedrooms. Everything worked fine. And nothing like that ever happend again. We are both a little bit on the aggressive side. After a very heated and very aggressive dispute which involved a girl we both are on the verge of fighting each other. My parents are on vacation and I thought that there could be no better time for me and my new girlfriend to also leave and travel somewhere nice. My worries are now that he could break into my room while I’m gone. So my question. If he breaks into my room...could I take some kind of legal action? I wouldn’t do it. I just want to know if I could take legal actions. Because if I could, I would let him know that to scare him off. If He knows that I could take legal actions against him for breaking into my room, then he wouldn’t do it.

Thank you for reading everything and sorry for my bad English.


Ordinarily, if someone breaks into your residence, you can involve the police because the person trespassed on your property, i.e. entered and remained without permission. The law is concerned with who the property owner is -- that could be your parents, or you if you are renting an apartment from a landlord (your parents). You need to consult an attorney, revealing the specifics of your situation, but it does not look like you have the relevant standing to get the police involved in a trespassing case. You parents can take whatever action they want.

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