To start it off, I'm an artist who works exclusively online, accepting and charging art commissions on a piece-by-piece basis, and I'm planning to study at Australia.

As far as I've searched, the definition of 'work' according to Australia's Immigration Dept. website stated that doing work online for "my job in my home country" is not counted towards the student visa's (subclass 500) work hours restrictions, which is 40 hours per fortnight. (https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/glossary#work)

However, due to the nature of my freelance job my client reach is technically global, including Australians, and I have no way to verify where do they come from since I only accept the jobs through social media. In addition to that, I only accept payments through a third party payment processor (namely PayPal) and all my prices are listed in USD-only.

As I do plan to use the fund earned by doing the art commissions to support my living during my study at Australia, may I know if it's technically legal for me to work on online-only gigs (which is not charged per-hourly basis but rather per-work basis, whose client may or may not be an Australian citizen without any ways of knowing about it) without them being counted towards the student visa work hour restrictions?

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