I have a UK based business that offers software development services and consultancy. The company has been set up via my accountant on company house, the registered office address is their address as they will be dealing with incoming paperwork on my behalf.

I am applying for business insurance (professional indemnity, public liability etc.), when getting quotes I am asked to enter the business address. By law do I have to put down the accountants address? Most of the work will be done remotely (in my - the director's - house) and in client's offices, I will rarely, if ever be in the registered office address. Should I put my own address down? It's significantly cheaper if I do and probably more representative of where the company will be operating. I don't want to invalidate the insurance though.

Thanks in advance!

  • Where you are physically located can have an effect on the risks that you are asking to be insured for. – George White Aug 20 '19 at 17:11

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