During the beginning of this year, I've upgraded my internet and everything was perfect until May. I started noticing that it wasn't as fast as it used to be and that sometimes internet connection would drop. I did a speed test and it turned out I was getting only 100mbps out of 600mbps which I had contracted. Remember that everything was working as expected until May - my speed was 600mbps.

I decided to give them a call and they responded that there is a "massive failure" in my area which is kinda odd as I live in a city center of 2 million people.

I've read the contract and it says that: In case of interruption I am entitled to automatic compensation. It's been 3 months already. I haven't seen any compensation and I'm still paying the price for 600mbps.

I haven't been notified about any massive failure nor it says anything about it on their website. I am looking to change the internet provider company, but I would also like to know what can I do to get my money back? I've been paying for something they didn't provide me with for 3 months.

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    Take a close look at the contract between you and the provider - pay particular attention to the part about data speed. Do you see any words like "up to" in there? Yeah I thought so ... – brhans Aug 22 '19 at 11:38

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