A is the sole director of ACME Limited, a UK limited company regsitered in England and Wales with a registered office as well as trading address close to Liverpool. A as the director is an EU national who is a resident of the UK and has a UK address.

ACME Limited is wholy owned subsidiary of a German company (GmbH = legal entity).

Now ACME wants to buy some real estate in the UK.

I understand it's perfectly in line that the solicitor checks the identity of A, the company's director as well as the ACME limited, i.e. proof of the company's address etc.

Yet the solicitor takes the stand that he also needs to certify all passports and (depending on what time of the day you ask) also wants a proof of address of all of the benefical owners of ACME Inc.

I doubt that this can be right.

Unfortunately, all I was able to find on the Internet is very vague to say the least as a limited company bying real estate seems to be the exception over natural persons doing so.

Then on some sites I find sentences like "a due dilligence has to be performed on either the director or the shareholders" which also sounds to me like "we're not really sure, so better be safe than sorry.

Can anyone provide citeable sources about this?

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