I recently purchased a vehicle and after signing all of the paperwork, the finance manager said that I would receive all of my loan documents in the mail the following month. Almost two months have gone by and I haven’t received any paperwork and have called into the dealership for the past 7 days leaving voicemails for the finance manager and haven’t received a call back. I’m now receiving phone calls from a random 1-800 number that is saying that they are my lender and that I have late payments that need to be settled along with my initial payment. I told them that I haven’t received any paperwork about my balance, loan terms, or any information about who my lender is and that I would not submit a payment to a random person that’s calling my phone without proof that they are actually my lender.

My question is: is this a violation of TILA? And if so, would I have grounds to sue the dealership for 1. Not giving providing my loan documentation. And 2. There now seems to be late penalties due to them not providing my documents.

I appreciate any responses and thank you in advance for taking interest in this matter.

All the best.

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