In Arizona, United States, can a minor, as a member (perhaps, sole member) of a Limited Liability Compancy (LLC), enter into a legal binding agreement on behalf of the company?

Arizona appears to have no age requirement for members, and the LLC operates as its own legal entity, why wouldn't a minor be able to, for example, sell company property, promise a company will do something, go into debt (as a company), etc.. If the minor controls the company, and the company can enter into legal binding agreements, then wouldn't it work out? It would especially work out for emancipated minors (see ARS 12-2454), right?

Now, the minor wouldn't necessarily be able to consent to personally promise anything (contractually), go into debt, or anything like that.

Edit: I understand someone said this was a possible duplicate of minors and legal guardians entering a contract together, but it does not answer my question, as that question answered contracts by the minor, for the minor, or involving a guardian. This question asks about a minor representing a company, signing for a company, against a company.

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