Is it illegal to drive a car by oneself as a foreigner (French citizen and US permanent resident) in Myanmar?

I have read some for conflicting information, e.g.

But none of these webpages refer to any official text anyway.


There does not appear to be a straightforward official answer. The Road Transportation Administration Department states the rules for licenses, which include the following:

(l) Required documents to apply International Driving Permit (IDP) (i)
Valid domestic driving licence (genuine and copy) (ii) Valid passport (genuine and copy) (If applicant has been in the other country, passport copy can be allowed) (iii) (3) passport size photos (iv) FEC (20) or US $ (20)

(m) Required documents to exchange Myanmar driving licence from Foreign driving licence (i) His / Her Driving Licence (genuine and copy) (ii) Passport (genuine and copy) (iii) (3) photos (iv) Application form of concerned company (v) 60 FEC and (1200ks) for Right Hand drive countries (iv) 70 FEC and (1200ks) for Left-Hand drive countries

They are not a party to the 1949 Geneva Convention though AAA notes on the IDPs which it issues that Myanmar "honors" such permits. There is evidence that they accepted the 1968 Vienna convention. In principle, it seems one can pass the licensing hurdle.

However, you may be required to borrow a car from a friend, buy one, or rent in another country and drive in. The 1989 Motor Vehicle Law Rule 113 says (in the English version):

Unless a "D" driving licence or a "E" driving licence prescribed under rule 98, Chapter IV of these rules is held no person shall be entitled to drive a hired vehicle concerned.

I should point out that rule 98 of those rules in in Ch. V and says nothing about licenses, and the relevant rule seems to be rule 58 (5=၅, 9=၉). Correspondingly, car rental companies all seem to rent car and driver, not just car.

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