Assuming I had the resources, could I make audio & video record of every minute of my life. Then if anyone ever falsely accuses me years later, I can just pull up the video and say "see look - the video here shows the sex was consensual" for example.

I'm guessing I can't just record someone without them knowing (or can I?) - If someone doesn't give their permission ahead of time, then I'll just choose not to be alone in a room with them.

Even if its ok to record - does having a recording even protect me? Can the person just deny the video, and then there is no way to clear my name?

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    Whether you can record someone without their consent depends on where you are. But even if you have a legal recording of a given moment and everyone agrees that the recording reflects reality, it doesn't guarantee that everyone will interpret the recording the same way. Similar concerns have recently arisen, for example, with police body cameras. – phoog Oct 14 '19 at 20:23

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